The Reaper (his most common alias) is a man born in the Rusko Sector and heavily influenced recent history. Implanted with one of the last remaining Epica Chips, The Reaper was able to live an extremely long life (though not complete immortality).

History Edit

Born in the Rusko Sector on an unknown planet, his first noted appearances were amongst the Anti-Solar Alliance. He was later sent into the Solar Nation to infiltrate and sabotage the government. There he went by many names, slowly climbing to the top of the Solar Council, where he grew in popularity and power due to his near unnatural charisma.

He declared himself the Emperor of the nation, becoming the first (and only) Solar Emperor of the Solar Empire. He would reform and centralize his new nation, growing very popular with the people, where a new age of peace began. However, the disgruntled oligarchs who lost their power formed the Reaper Plot, as an attempt to kill The Reaper and regain their lost power. Although The Reaper survived, his injuries were extreme, and he went into hiding for some years. His followers would revolt against the coup, beginning the Imperial Revolt.

During his exile, The Reaper was quickly losing function of his lungs and most of his body. On the world of Verasius, he contacted a local organization, who fitted him with a power suit and a helmet as a life support. Without them, he would soon die.

With his injuries content, he returned to his followers to lead them against the Nationalists. The Nationalists made a preemptive strike against the Loyalists. Despite fierce defense, the Loyalists were defeated, though The Reaper escaped again into exile, with a fleet of ships and loyalists to the system of Weneqar, near the place the Anti-Solar Alliance fled.

For the next five centuries, the Reaper would stay in hiding, with his loyal followers slowly forgetting him over the generations and his military being filled with mercenaries and minor bands of followers. Almost everyone believed that the Reaper of the time and Emperor Hrodnos were separate people, divided between half a millennium of time.