The Solar Nation was the first recorded government of Sol with intact records and history. It was the predecessor to the Solar Federation, and set the standard for nations across the galaxy from then on out. It originated on the city planet of Martia.

History Edit

Background Edit

Before the Solar Nation, Martia was divided into various competing nations clawing for power. The planet was also a ecumenopolis at this time as well, so each faction held millions of soldiers and weapons to defeat each other. The most powerful of these nations was the Monenide Legion, ruling from the top of the Mountain of Mons. They launched a grand campaign and eventually united Martia under their control. They conquered the other planets of Sol as well, including Eoria and the moons of Uropia and Titanus. This led to the foundation of the Solar Nation.

Solar Wars of Conquest Edit

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Although the Solar Nation stayed in relative peace with its controlled systems of Sol, Alpha Centarus and surrounding systems for a hundred years after its founding, it would not last forever. The Solar Council made the decision to launch a grand crusade across the galaxy, to unify the worlds of humanity forever.