The New Solar Federation is the dominant government of most of the human galaxy, reigning for several hundred years (though its current title only came several decades ago).

The New Solar Federation is a representative republic, divided into hundreds of sectors, systems and planets across the human galaxy. Local governments send their own representative to the Solar Council Of Galactic Affairs, or the Solar Council for short. The mission of the Solar Council was to give the people of the galaxy a voice, protect the worlds of the Federation, and govern the New Solar Federation.

The Solar Council also elected the Grand Minister, the head of government of the New Solar Federation. The Grand Minister is the leader of the Solar Council and the political leader of the Solar Federation. The President is the head of state of the Solar Federation (mostly a powerless title).

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Government Edit

Legislative branch Edit

The Solar Council was the legislative body of the New Solar Federation, made up of thousands of Representatives, elected to their representative status from their home system and made to represent their system. The representatives elect the next Grand Minister from amongst themselves to hold the position of the head of government. In addition to the purpose of elections, the Solar Council settles problems between systems and planets, as well as remaining vigilant against threats to the Federation. The head of the Solar Council is the Grand Minister.

Executive branch Edit

The Grand Minister is the head of government of the New Solar Federation, and the main diplomat of the Solar Federation. He is responsible for the diplomacy of the Solar Federation, the integrity of the nation, and also has the ability to propose new laws to the High Lawguard. The Grand Minister answers to the Solar Council.

The head of state, or President of the Solar Federation is the figurehead leader of the Federation. The position of President is much less powerful than the other roles, and is more of a symbolic and advisory role to the Grand Minister.

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