The Fifth Dimensional Elements or the FDEs and Fifth Elements for short, are a group of elements that find their origin in the Fifth Dimension. They are much more stronger, energetic and valuable than the regular periodic table.

Overview Edit

Theories suggest that the Fifth Elements find their origin at the beginning of the universe, when they were blasted across the universe and then collected around any sources of heat and gravity that they could find. It is possible they were much more abundant when the universe was younger, but eventually they collected within and around bodies of heat and gravity across the universe, hence why most Fifth Elements are found within the mantles of planets.

List of elements Edit

  • Kalenium: The most valuable element of the FDEs, Kalenium is a crystalline element heavily connected to the Fifth Dimension, and the only one that supports travel between the physical universe via the Fifth Dimension. Just one gram of Kalenium can sell for billions, if not trillions of Levits.
  • Tvrite: Tvrite is an important element and metal, and is the most common building material for objects ranging from buildings to space stations. On Martia, Tvrite shines a bronze-brown color, giving the massive city-planet its signature color.
  • Vrazmenium: Vrazmenium is an important metal used in the construction of Star Engines, basic ship engines and basic missiles.
  • Lacercin: Lacercin is one of the most important elements in the galaxy. Lacercin is a mineral that can be refined into fuel which is the sole power for ships, shuttles and more across the galaxy. Without it, mankind would have to resort to more mundane sources of fuel.
  • Marium: Marium is a metal primarily used for the making of Marium tubes, the second most important part of a Star Engine. It is also used in factories, space stations and more.