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Federation Militaria flag

The Federation Militaria is the fighting force of the Solar Federation, composed of billions, if not trillions of soldiers from worlds all across the Federation. Based on Martia in the Magorous Vrazkei, it is the largest military force in the known galaxy.

Origins Edit

The Federation Militaria traces its roots in the old Solar Legions, its predecessor. The Solar Legions conquered most of what the Federation rules today. It persisted during the reign of the Solar Empire. After the Grand Revolution, the Solar Legions merged with the rebel armies, forming the Federation Militaria. Although it was divided during the rule of the Menrovans, it merged back together in the formation of the Rusko-Solar Federation.

Structure Edit

Unit Commander Composition Strength


Keian varies 1,000,000,000+ max (varies)


General 1-15 Brigades 75,000+ max. (varies)
Brigade Major 5 Companies 5,000+ max.
Company Captain 5 Platoons 1,000+ max.
Platoon Lieutenant 5 Sections 200+ max.
Section Tenite 5 Squads 40+ max.
Squad Sergeant 8+ max.

The Federation Militaria is a large and diverse force. The Militaria is divided into Sector Armies, who have a wide range of different focuses from defensive, to offensive, to support and more. Every system is only allowed a maximum of 15 brigades (however, Sol and Alpha Centarus are the exception, due to their status and population density).