Eoria is a planet in the Sol System and the former homeworld of humanity. During the Great Scourging,

most of Eoria's surface was destroyed and scorched into a barren desert. Though later on Eoria began to heal, most of it was still uninhabitable desert. Eventually it was terraformed into a substantial and productive planet again.

Today it is an agricultural world, devoted to the production of food and fresh water to sustain the capital of Martia.

Overview Edit


Eoria is mostly rural lands. Plains, hills and forests make up the bulk of the terrain on Eoria. What was once vast oceans are now limited to lakes and small seas. However, this does not mean Eoria is without cities. Many cities dot the surface of Eoria, from the small to massive. The capital of Eoria is the city of Hamenoru, with a population of a million. The largest city is Maoe, with 6 and a half million people.

For the majority of the inhabitants of Eoria, they are rural farmers, herders and peasants. The farmers cultivate a multitude of foodstuffs, most of which 21st century people would not be familiar with. They are not limited to just this, however. Some breed and grow aquatic and marine animals for consumption. Herders take care of livestock and more.