Cygna is a star system in the Orion Arm. It is part of the Solaria Sector.

Bodies Edit

  • Cygna I - Cygna I is an FDE mining world. Its supply of Kalenium has been depleted, and as such it's surface is prone to common and extreme earthquakes and tremors.
    • Hrodnos - Hrodnos is named after one of the Reaper's many names, Hrodnos of which was his name during his rule as Emperor.
    • Lagavel - Lagavel is an FDE mining world.
  • Cygna II - Cygna II is a zeno reserved planet. It is one of the better zeno reservations in the Solar Federation.
  • Cynga III - Cygna III is a gas giant.
  • Cynga IV - Cygna IV is the capital of the Cygna System, and home to 135 million people. The government here is corrupt and bureaucratic, allowing gangs and drugbosses to become powerful and prominent. Crime is rampant, particularly in the western continent of Ramponzea.