Alpha Centarus is a star system in the Orion Arm of the Milky Way. It is apart of the Solaria Sector, and is the closest star to Sol. It holds its own significance within the Solar Federation.

Bodies Edit

  • Centarus Prime - Centarus Prime is the capital of Alpha Centarus. It is densely populated, boasting five billion people. It is a major producer of weaponry.
  • Centarus II - Centarus II is given over to the mining of FD elements within its core. Few permanent settlements exist on the planet.
  • Centarus III - Centarus III is a large gas giant. Itself is of little note, however it has many moons, counting to 32.
    • Loedad - Loedad is the largest of Centarus III's moons and the most powerful. It is the home and origin of the Fermins, a mutant subspecies of humans. Although the Fermins amount to 19 million people (base humans only 6 million), they are ruled over and oppressed by the powerful, despotic council of governors called the Aziorate. The Fermins have pleaded with the Solar Federation for aid many times, only to be met with deaf ears.
    • Jaftka - Jaftka is an FDE mining world. Several major space stations orbit the moon.
    • Elekton - Elekton is Centarus's penal world. In 1,428 ABS the prisoners launched a worldwide riot, killing hundreds of guards, then declared independence from Alpha Centarus. A Militaria batallion from Centarus Prime was sent to Elekton to pacify the penal world.
    • Dorian - Dorian is an inhabited world. It is ruled over the powerful Celeme family.
    • Gaberani - Gaberani is an inhabited world. It is named after the general Gaberani, who conquered Alpha Centarus for the Solar Nation a thousand years ago.
    • Uragr - Uragr is an FDE mining world.
    • Deminim - Deminim is a zeno reserved moon. The two species of this moon, the Kuragli and the Wedlqad fought a brutal war against each other two hundred years ago, with the Kuragli almost winning before the system government intervened.
    • Opum - Opum is an inhabited world.
    • Havec - Havec is an inhabited world.